8 Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

8 Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

The deep cycle batteries fit for most kinds of boats, some kinds of electric cars and audio equipment, etc. Utilization of such battery requires a specialized charger. To be precise, it needs the best deep cycle battery charger. There are dozens of such chargers, made for various budgets and needs. However, how do they differ?

The usual device made for deep cycle batteries charging is capable of full charging even if the battery is completely drained of power. Likewise, it can control the proper level of energy, which helps restrict the overcharge: it turns off automatically when its work is finished. The other distinct qualities of this device are adaptive charging with capacitance up to 100-105%, auto desulfation, and auto charge-discharge cycles.

Besides, the deep-discharge battery tender has got a bunch of privileges if you liken it to the regular one:

  • it provides bigger battery life (three times longer than the usual charger);
  • has the recovery function;
  • averts premature battery aging.

Battery Charger Reviews

Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

The units, presented in this article, are the most pre-eminent on the mart. Moreover, we have added the buying guide so you could answer some of the questions that interest you and learn something new.

BLACK+DECKER 20V: Quick Small Charger

A tiny charging device from B&D is perfectly suitable for frequent transportations. Its main feature is fast charging — around 40 mins and your batteries will be like new. It is also quite universal when it comes to voltage: it will charge 16V and 20V batteries, despite their size.

In general, this may be the best deep cycle battery charger in this price + quality ratio. This one can be recommended for you if you’re searching for a cheap unit for fast charging.

  • The unit is extremely simple to usage — you won’t need a manual.
  • It has 2.0 Amp outlet.
  • Pretty solid cabinet.
  • It isn’t supplied with screw mounts, so it may be placed only on the horizontal surface.
  • The indicator is so weak that it’s hard to notice it even in the dark.

CTEK (56-864) MUS4.3: Will Renew Your Aged Battery

CTEK (56-864) MUS4.3
The MUS4.3 is a small-sized device for frequent usage. And it has something to impress with: this model has some of the common features from CTEK’s professional line. In general, the device can solve a lot of problems associated with charging and unlikely to disappoint even demanding users. It offers functions like battery diagnostics that show whether the battery is able to accept and hold the charge, the recovery function that will bring back sulfated and highly discharged batteries. The convenient display gives the possibility to check the process of charge. The deep cycle battery charger reviews are good to discover that the MUS4.3 is completely noiseless, so it doesn’t make an annoying noise that some charger units make during work.

  • The charger is compatible with most car models.
  • It’s very simple to use: just hook it up to the battery and leave it this way.
  • It becomes very hot during work.
  • The wire is too short.
  • It can’t brag with a decent charging speed.

NOCO Genius G4 6V/12V 4.4 Amp: Universal & Solid

NOCO Genius G4 6V/12V 4.4 Amp
This charger fits for such purpose as supporting the charge in the car while you are not using it. Its design ensures maximum safety from sparking. The construction of the charger makes it completely waterproof and resistant to severe damages. For its $200 price range, you will also get the protection from overcharging. Plus, the device provides a super-fast charge. There are no reasons to doubt that you will get more than you expect for that price.

This is a universal device which may be used as you wish: for boat, for car engine, etc. Thanks to its steadiness, you will not have to worry about a breakdown.

  • The device seems to have too many functions, but they are perfectly balanced and will not interfere even if you don’t use them.
  • It can charge four batteries at the same time.
  • It’s not powerful enough to charge the battery of a large mechanism if it is discharged to 0%.

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128: Universal Charging Tool

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128
This unit will serve a lot of purposes. It can act as a charger, left for supporting your car accumulator – it’s clever enough to be secure support of your engine battery. It is even able to “feel” the ambient temperature, knowing exactly when the charge should be increased or decreased. Otherwise, it can be a device for a frequent deep cycle battery charging, if you wish. It doesn’t really matter how you use it thanks to its impressive durability. In fact, it will always be ready to adapt to your requirements.

  • It has small connectors that are simple to use.
  • The device is really careful with charging – it won’t spoil the battery.
  • You can use only cables from the Battery Tender – the cables of another brand simply won’t work.
  • The red indicator, which signals about an error, can light without any reason.

BatteryMinder 128CEC1: The Sulfation Killer

BatteryMinder 128CEC1
This charger suits for AGM batteries, gel and usual batteries. It has a temp sensor, automatic mode, recovery function, and costs around $130. It will be a great helper if you want to restore a good battery that has suffered from incorrect maintenance. Many of the chargers demand an appropriate temperature to work in the right way, but not this one. Deadly heat or severe frost — this unit is powerful enough to maintain the right temperature where it is needed in any case. The shortcut circuit and overheat aren’t the problems too — this model has a decent protection system.

  • Despite being powerful, this charger is also compact and portable.
  • It’s capable of charging even fully discharged batteries of large vehicles.
  • It requires manual adjustment of a proper amperage before charging.

Schumacher SC1319: The Most Affordable Option

Schumacher SC1319
This is a device with unique simplicity and convenience. No knobs, no switches – just hook up the battery and plug it in. You can keep it connected to the battery, and its smart system won’t let the overcharge happen. The cable of the device is long enough, which is very comfortable. And you can buy even longer one, Schumacher sales the external cables for different needs. This device provides very economical and easy way to keep your battery charged — the absence of the excess advanced functions allowed the manufacturer to lower the price. You can buy this 12v deep cycle battery charger just for about $25.

  • It automatically determines the type of battery.
  • The device has both fast and slow charging modes.
  • It didn’t manage to fully charge the battery.

Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery Charger

The main thing you should know about the best deep cycle marine battery charger is the presence of IP indicator. This indicator means protection from water and hard objects. The following devices are supplied with great protection level, so they are perfectly suitable for marine batteries.

NOCO Genius G3500: Small And Powerful

NOCO Genius G3500
This charger by NOCO will charge literally any kind of battery: gel, 6V motorcycle battery, 12V battery, etc. Simply select the button on the front panel which matches with the type of a battery, and the rest will be done by the charger. Moreover, it has a solid case, resistant for water and drops. In any case, you shouldn’t care about possible damages: two extra fastening holes will reliably fix the device on the desirable surface. Plus, it has very small overall dimensions: apart from the wires, the device is the size of a soda can. The charger works in relatively cold weather (below 10°), so there is no need to keep it in a warm room, it will safely work in the unheated garage.

The charger has clear interface. Put it on the charge, and go minding your own business. You can periodically look at the top row of indicators that show when it’s charged at 25-50-75-100%, then the NOCO Genius switches into a standby mode.

  • It comes along with a battery diagnosis tool.
  • Despite the size, it can pump energy into a car or a truck battery without any efforts.
  • The red light indicator is weak, it’s poorly noticeable in the daylight.

ChargePro 2711A: Super-Solid And Versatile

ChargePro 2711A
It’s a reliable device to increase the battery’s life. It can be left plugged in for the undefined period. It’s protected from water and uncomfortable temperatures, so can be easily left outside and used onboard. This model also has the other necessary types of protection: from reverse polarity, ignition, overheating, etc. So the device is obviously safe to be used near the water or in the car. This is a kind of a slow charging charger, so if you are searching for a quick-charging tool, this one won’t satisfy your needs. It has an IP65 rate, which makes the unit absolutely shockproof. And not only the cabinet itself, but also the cables: they also have enhanced properties. Generally, it’s good for charging deep cycle battery of both aquatic and terrestrial vehicles.

  • It has a very detailed display that shows the charging status.
  • It works very silently.
  • Despite being ultra-protected from outside, it doesn’t seem like a durable device in terms of functionality.

Buyers Guide

Does a regular charger suit for a deep cycle battery?

Practically, the usual chargers are not great helpers in the event of a dead deep cycle battery. The max level of discharge should not exceed 25%. We would advise using the charges with automatic control or with integrated three-step charging.

What are the reasons to acquire a deep cycle battery charger?

Every battery starts to deteriorate when it is discharged below 11V: the sulfate starts forming on the plate surface, ultimately leading to decreased performance. Moreover, deep discharge is the main reason for partial separation and plates warping. The deep cycle battery tender helps get rid of this problem thanks to the intermittent current.

In the event of car battery overcharging, it’ll never charge without problems again and may even break down. The automatic power off function won’t let this happen. Furthermore, when your car battery is discharged to 0%, it’s no longer possible to use the alternator to charge it. In such instance, the deep cycle battery charger is very helpful for car starting.

Can deep cycle battery charger help with charging regular battery?

Without any doubts, it can be used as an average battery, as it doesn’t have many differences compared to the usual charger. It has a purpose to supply less power during a long time, while an average charger gives a big quantity of power during a short period. However, in general, they’re playing the same role.

What is needed for proper deep cycle battery keeping?

The deep-discharge batteries have thick plates, they are solid and definitely not as fragile as the normal batteries are. They can endure deep discharges. Despite all these tough qualities, it’s desirable not to discharge the battery completely on a constant base to avoid sulfation. Thus, the battery will work as satisfactorily as possible and will be serving for a very long time.

The battery requires special attention when it comes to charging. The charger should take into consideration its temperature and operation mods.

It’s can be technically difficult if you try to use manual settings to charge different types of batteries. So it is desirable to use an intelligent charger to run the charging process. We also advise checking the voltage level of the battery semiannually. It shouldn’t fall below 11V.

How to use a deep cycle battery charger in a proper way?

The deep discharge battery has some differences if compare it to a typical battery. Notwithstanding that it endures discharged up to 15%, keep the battery always half charged to increase its life term.

Even if you have already had an opportunity to use such battery and know how it works, every model has its own peculiarities. So before charging new deep cycle battery, it’s better to get acquainted with the user’s manual.

Keep in mind that the battery will be discharging independently in about 15% every month while you are not using it. This way, the sulfation will begin after half a year in the workless state. Some kinds of chargers are supplied with auto charging function.

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