Best Jump Starter For Diesel Reviews

Best Jump Starter For Diesel Reviews

If a driver takes care of his/her vehicle, it’s crucial to have access to the best jump starter for diesel that is able to save a motor in an emergency. Such units are specifically developed for that type of fuel to provide enough power for a diesel car’s battery.

The starters come into play when a vehicle suddenly stopped on the road. Fortunately, a diesel jump starter is designed to dispense other vehicle’s powered battery to revive the dead one. It can replace cable technique of restoration but subject to its high quality.

The best jump starter for diesel features high capacity up to 20,000 mAh and even more. Its operating cycle is durable and reaches 20-30 jump-starts. Besides, one should consider a voltage that is around 11V–12V. Such devices usually take time to be recharged, but the most advanced models can handle this task in 3 hours.

Note that those parameters are pointed out as a benchmark when making a purchase. Slight elevations don’t mean the unit’s lower quality. Besides, it’s crucial to bear in mind all the specs as a whole. The following reviews will help drivers to make the right choice.

Jump Starters For Diesel Reviews


This jump starter for diesel truck, van, ATV, and a boat can work for a long period of time. For example, if keeping it unused for near half a year, it is still showing more than 95% of the power. Its capacity is enough to start V6 and V8 cars since the unit features 18000 mAh.

The model is surprisingly compact unlike many other units with high power. It comes with an LCD display to show how much juice left on this bank. The assembly has a built-in flashing strobe, flashlight, and even a compass.

The DBPOWER 600A is safe to use since if connecting the positive clamp from the unit to the negative battery terminal (connection reverse), the smart protection box on the cable will cut off the circuit to stop output current. The device is also protected from overload and overvoltage. Note that the assembly requires min 30% power to work and consumed about 20% with one jump that is pretty good for devices in this price range.


  • This model comes in a carrying semi-rigid case (it’s able to protect the assembly from damage) and with plenty of accessories (cables and adapters).
  • The unit also works as a portable power bank. It can feed a mobile device or a laptop (except for MacBook) several times and lose just 3% or 4% of its charge.
  • No need to wait half an hour before recharging it after a jump, as many others units require.


  • It’s not resistant to extreme temperatures.

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660
The device is designed for jump start diesel truck and it comes with the capacity of 18000 mAh and can jumpstart any deep cycle battery. It fits heavy-duty machines and has a 12V outlet to plug various accessories. It’s CCA rating is high to turn over most engines in cold weather. However, it can’t handle the situation if the battery is completely drained or if the temperature outside is very low.

This equipment cannot boast high-tech protection, but it features insulated and spark-resistant cables and clamps, as well as reliable automatic circuit protection against overloads. It requires a maintenance every 3 months like plugging it into a house socket.

The unit comes in a hard plastic housing and it is rather heavy, but it’s compact enough to keep it in the trunk of a vehicle. It comes with a convenient handle to carry it around. The device hasn’t LSD screen, but a classic gauge where a thin arrow shows the amount of power is left.


  • High-quality and Long jumper clamps.
  • The unit has a voltage regulator so that it can be left plugged in constantly.
  • It is designed with the replaceable parts (battery inside and clamps).


  • Lack of a power switch that requires keeping the cables separate and storing them correctly to avoid sparking.
  • No reverse polarity detection so the device isn’t able to turn off automatically in the case of reverse connection. It makes double-check of all connections crucial.

Rugged Geek RG1000

Rugged Geek RG1000
When looking for the best jump starter for diesel engine, have a look at this model that is remarkable for its “Intelliboost” feature. It means that the cables can be connected together and they won’t spark if this connection is incorrect. When plugging the cables, the light on them will alternate red if the connection is wrong and green if it’s okay.

This model comes with the USB ports, but it cannot provide power while the unit is charging. The Rugged Geek RG1000 features air compressor that lets the unit still have enough power to boost most vehicles and inflate tires even after a year. It’s better to feed it up every 3 or 4 months to ensure enough power when the RG1000 might be needed.

This model can be used to feed mobile devices or laptops, but it’s necessary to consider the gadget’s battery size and mAh rating and compare it with the RG1000’s mAh rating.

The assembly comes in a hard-plastic cabinet that seems durable and it has a readable digital display that doesn’t washout in sunlight. The clamp’s jaws feature nice spring mechanism that holds battery terminals tightly.


  • A charger is in the box.
  • The clamps have a great grip.
  • The light is bright enough.


  • Ports should have some kind of cap over them to keep the dirt out.

NOCO Boost Pro GB150

NOCO Boost Pro GB150
This diesel battery jump starter handles a 7.5L gas engine, a semi-trucks engine, and even a V8 vehicle, but it’s necessary to check the voltage and CCA rating. If they’re okay, wait some time for an initial start if the battery is completely dead.

The unit has a large range of operating temperatures – storage temperature is rated for -40F to +1220F but remember that no similar assembly is developed to survive in such conditions if it’s stored in heat or cold constantly.

The time of feeding differs. For example, this model is compatible with a 2.1A USB feeder and it will charge fully in 2–4 hours at its rate. If using a lesser amperage USB adapter, it would take 4–8 hours to be fully charged.

This model comes with a bright LED flashlight and a USB hole to hook up a mobile device, a laptop, or a tire inflator. It’s able to prevent reverse polarity so no need to worry about wrong connections. Besides, the whole set of other protection systems are developed to avoid overloading overloads, overheating (due to a natural convection cooling), and overcurrent.


  • Its clamps come with durable metal teeth and connector.
  • Ergonomic construction with side tabs for storing the cable clamps.


  • The cables are a little shorter than average.
  • The unit is too heavy to carry around.


This battery jump box for diesel was developed with enough power to start in any weather condition. It has reverse polarity feature to prevent a consequence of wrong connections and the powerful 120 PSI air compressor to have such alternatives as inflating tires and sports equipment. Bear in mind that the compressor switch should be completely off to feed the unit.

The STANLEY FATMAX J7CS has lights on the front to display that the battery is full and it also has the automatic float charging system onboard to regulate the battery. An included AC charging adapter that plugs into a typical house socket feeds the power pack.


  • The heat doesn’t affect this model.
  • There’s no need to wait some time since some other models in this price range require several minutes before attempting to start. This unit is ready to jump-start once it is attached.


  • The extension cord isn’t included in the pack.
  • The cables are too short.
  • The inflator lacks auto cut-off pressure.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

NOCO Boost Plus GB40
This device has modest sizes, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a powerful unit. It’s suitable for both diesel and gas vehicles, including boats and lawn cutters. This model is really portable and lightweight (just 2.69 lbs). It can be stored in a glove compartment, trunk, toolbox, or center console. However, its power provides 20 jump-starts before getting empty.

The tool is fitted with the main security system – a spark-proof tech to ensure safe connections even if hooking the unit up in a wrong way. It just identifies the problem and warns the user via the dedicated indicator.

This model holds 75% of power for a year. It doesn’t take much time to be fed. It depends on the current being used to power it. At the max, it can accept of 2.1A that powers it completely in 3 hours.


  • It’s 2.1A USB output is compatible with all products with USB onboard (mobile devices, smartwatches, headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers).
  • The unit’s LED flashlight features 100 lumens that are enough to work at night and, besides, it comes with both SOS and Emergency modes.


  • It lacks ports with the different voltage that make a user consider the USB cord’s parameters to pick the cord with the voltage.

Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224

Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224
The model is noted for its high amperage that allows restarting ever heavy-duty trucks. It’s fitted with the branded Advance Warning System to signal about unsafe situations. However, it’s not possible to leave this model plugged in since it lacks protection for over-charging. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on it every couple of hours. Once it’s fully powered, unplug to keep power for a longer time.

The unit is versatile since it can toggle between 12V and 24V modes with a simple turn of a dial. The DC adapter is in the pack that converts the booster into a battery pack and opens up the device to a multiplicity uses (for a laptop, for example) when used in conjunction with a power inverter.

The unit lacks such extras as a flashlight or an air compressor, but it’s typical for such low-cost models. The device comes in a durable housing with long 60-inch cables. It features heavy gauge wire leading to heavy-duty clamps to deliver enough electrical current that flows hassle-free from the booster to a dead battery.


  • This unit comes with a power pack that keeps the unit powered.
  • This model is suitable for both regular cars and commercial vehicles.
  • It’s small and lightweight enough to carry it around.


  • There is no switch off so it’s necessary to make sure that the clamps are stored in their respective holders that are on either side of the handle. In addition, never let two ends come in contact with the same surface.
  • No USB port to fees mobile devices and other gadgets.

Buyers Guide

What Are the Jump Starter’s Modes of Application?

If thinking of how to use those products, let’s learn about their parts. Any unit includes a battery, cables, air processor, and USB ports (not in all models). Cables are designed to be connected to hook up the battery to the power source with their clamps in order to feed a vehicle.

When seeing that a car/trunk battery is losing its power, pull out an assembly from its storage and hook up the cables to jump-start a car independently without any other vehicles. Use it only once since all high-quality models features enough power to handle the task instantly. Now, let’s see how to do everything correctly.

  • Take a red cable and hook it up to the positive terminal of the battery.
  • Take a black cable and connect it to the negative terminal.
  • Switch the assembly on.
  • Calibrate the power to make it suitable for the car’s motor (models with over-current protection allows skipping this step).
  • Crank the vehicle and wait for some seconds. If a jump-start doesn’t happen, it means problems in a vehicle itself but not in its battery.
  • Disconnect a positive cable and then a negative one.
  • Feed the jump starter after it has done its job.
  • Test the engine to ensure its normal condition. This step is crucial if using the most powerful jump starter.

Note that to provide a safe process, the car’s battery should be examined. If noted that explosive gas is leaking out of it, a jump starter cannot be applied. Wrong cable connections can be also dangerous, but it’s not a big deal if a jump starter features special protection – auto switch-off.

What Jump Starter’s Dimensions are Optimal for Me?

Before making a purchase, one should ask himself “What size jump starter do I need?” Not long ago, the larger model was produced, the greater power it had. Modern techs allowed manufacturing compact but rather powerful devices. For example, portable units feature 10,000 mA on average but can easily fit into the smallest trunk or even in the driver’s kit with tools.

Very often, when speaking about sizes, it’s meant the jump starter’s capacity. The most powerful units are more expensive that’s why it’s rational to consider the car model before choosing a model with a certain capacity in order not to overpay.

For example, 4,000 mA products are perfect for small and medium-size cars like the Kia Forte or Nissan Versa. 6,000 mA units are suitable larger water vehicles or cars like the Mazda CX-5. 8,000 mA diesel starters are more versatile and cover V8 engines models such as Ford Mustang GT or Chevrolet Camaro. If it’s necessary to feed truck, boat, and mining equipment engines, it’s better to choose units with the capacity of 10,000 mA.

How Many Amperes Are Required to Resurrect a Truck’s Battery?

Now, let’s deal with how many amps to jumpstart a truck are needed. The majority of those vehicles feature large diesel motors that demand 12V and even 24V jump starters. So the most appropriate models have 3000/1500 12/24V highest Amps. This spec is possible due to their two inner batteries. A dial to toggle between 12V and 24V also determine the product’s high performance in relation to semi and heavy-duty trucks.

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