Best Jump Starter With Air Compressor Reviews

Best Jump Starter With Air Compressor Reviews

Flat tires and flat batteries are most frustrating when you are in a hurry. Finding another driver or a tow truck takes time and money. Having a jump starter and an air compressor can be much helpful in such situations.

These two issues cause the emergency so frequently that a multi-functional tool has been invented. The best jump starter with air compressor doesn’t take much space; yet, it can come in handy in numerous situations, helping its owners and their fellow drivers.

Just as stand-alone gear, these versatile devices come in different price tiers and technical specifications, offer different options. They can have the batteries of more or less capacity cranking the engine at once or feeding the car’s battery to the level enabling the engine to start. For air compressors, it means faster or slower tire inflating, defining the ability to deal with large diameter tires (e.g. truck or SUV ones).

The jump starters with air compressors can be of different build quality and protection. Depending on that, they can be used in rain or snow, in cold or hot climate, or require less extreme weather conditions. The sturdy well-assembled models emit less noise when working, while the flimsy ones are often quite loud.

Connection to the power source and additional options like an LED screen or automatic switching off / into floating mode also play their part. Scroll down for the jump starter with air compressor reviews!

Jump Starter With Air Compressor Reviews

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700
This powerful multi-functional tool provides a reliable backstopping solution for cranking the car’s engine or filling its tires within minutes. It feeds solid 1700 amps of peak power and can crank almost any sedan or SUV engine with 425 cranking amps. Its large battery lets it transfer the power efficiently boosting the car’s battery to the point of turning on the engine. The high-capacity battery allows prolonging the jumping process and performing several jumps starts on one charge. But for its high price, it could certainly be named the best jump starter with air compressor.

The Clore Proformer battery mounted on this unit feeds the 12V power without noticeable oscillation while maintaining the optimal operational mode. It can be charged via the regular AC outlet and doesn’t require constant user’s control over the charging process. The automatic sensor system blocks the feed once the onboard power bank is full preventing the overcharge and battery damage. The light indicator shows the status of the charger operations, while it’s safe to leave the charger plugged in.

The compressor is situated on another side of the device, featuring its own interface. It is equipped with the 12-foot long coiled hose fitting easily by means of a screw-on chuck.


  • Long wires of a big gauge completed with the sturdy well-insulated clamps.
  • Integrated air pressure indicator works precisely.
  • Solid rubber foot lets placing the device firmly on any ground.


  • Heavy device requiring considerable strength to carry and install it.
  • The DC outlet fits a limited number of connections.

Kinverch Portable Car Jump Starter

Kinverch Portable Car Jump Starter
This compact jump starter with air compressor is highly versatile, providing numerous options for charging other appliances. Its compact size and handy ergonomics design let call it the best car jump starter with air compressor, but for its power specs. It produces 900 peak amps, which is enough to crank the engine of the passenger car, while it will take longer to make the SUV flat battery refill to the minimal starting level. Still, starting power of 450 cranking amps compares to the specs of the highly powerful battery chargers and let wind up the middle-sized engine quickly. Its 12V lead-acid battery has enough capacity to deal with the different types of car power banks. With 9 Ah, it can both jump start and feed the small-to-mid battery to increase its electrolyte level.

The unit provides charging options for other devices as well. It can feed a tablet or a flashlight through the USB port while offering the separate connection for DC-bound gear. The current flow is stable at 4,5 A via USB connection and 150 W via the DC port letting revive a smartphone within a few minutes.

The built-in air compressor fits both for car tires and smaller objects like inflatable toys, balls, air mattresses. It blows 150 PSI and can refill the 15-inch tire within 8 minutes. The air hose has a straight design, with the thumb fixing tip.


  • Solid fully covered alligator clamps.
  • Both AC and DC connections for the battery recharge let keep the device operational at any circumstances.
  • Built-in LED light is helpful for jump starting in the dusk.


  • The tips of the hose and connection port compartments sometimes go misplaced at closing.
  • Short air hose.

Schumacher SJ1328

Schumacher SJ1328
This middle-class multifunctional jump starter tool features the sturdy build, thorough protection, and high power specifications. Besides, it’s compact and not as heavy as other units in this class, and could claim the title of the best portable jump starter and air compressor, would it feature the built-in air compressor instead of the high-power outlet feeding the alone-standing compressor.

The jump starter emits 1100 peak amps letting wind up the engine of cars of all sizes, and the small tractor’s one. It fits the motors of V6 class providing immediate ignition even for 8-cylinder units. The charger is equipped with sturdy 6-gauge wire topped by the heavy alligator clamps with almost ample insulation coverage.

The battery is replenished automatically due to the integrated charging appliance. Once it is connected to the energy source, the internal battery gets the feed and stays ready for work.

There is no integrated air compressor offered; however, this powerful unit provides a steady current supply with plenty of amps through its DC port to any additional equipment. As such, it can fill the tire with about 10 PSI per three minutes. Besides, the device can power other DC-equipped gear like a portable lamp, car vacuum, etc.


  • The clamps have ergonomic design letting use them both on the side- and top-situated battery posts.
  • Cables are flexible and working even in the cold temperature.
  • The polypropylene case is safe from corrosion and can be used in the damp climate.


  • The LED-lights on the panel provide limited information on the charging status.
  • The handle is made of smooth material that can be slippery.


The handy design, simplicity of use, and diverse options for dealing with car emergencies make this jump box with air compressor one of the leaders on the list. It features a standard 12V battery and powers the car power bank with steady 1000 peak amps. While this number is a medium one in comparison to other similar devices, the cranking power of 500 amps promises to start any kind of vehicle up to the large size.

The jump starter can also be used as the charger for other devices like a smartphone, fan, etc. It powers 12V through the dedicated DC connection and provides the USB port as well. For user’s convenience, the device provides a small LED light that can be rotated up to 270 degrees.

The air compressor isn’t too powerful having 120 nominal PSI. Yet, it works well with semi-deflated car tires, while using it for a flat tire would take much longer. The air compressor is equipped with the pressure gauge letting control the process and not over-inflate the tire. The supplied air hose is thick, not too flexible and rather short. Still, it has handy chuck design — screwing on the tip provides a reliable connection with the tire nipple.


  • Reverse polarity sensor lets the user know when the clamps are connected incorrectly.
  • Regular AC connection is used for charging the device, which can be performed through the standard extension cord.
  • Enforced tapered handle is non-slippery and comfortable.


  • No overcharge control.
  • The clamps have the working part exposed / not covered with insulation.

DieHard 71688

DieHard 71688
The solid build and intuitive design supported by the multiple power connections and security options make this jump starter with compressor a valid offer. The unit is quite powerful, charging even the large batteries of the trucks with 1150 peak amp current. The supplied cables are sturdy 4-gauge wires transferring the current immediately and safely.

The jump box can power up different appliances. The front panel contains two DC ports feeding 12V to the connected FM tuner or a car vacuum. For digital gear like smartphones or tablets, there are two 2.1A USB connections that can be used in the extreme weather conditions due to the specific protection applied.

The unit can be used in the capacity of the AC inverter. It delivers 400 W of power at 110V current through each of two AC ports integrated. Switching between operational modes is performed with the button pressure, the corresponding LED light showing, which mode is currently in use.

The built-in air compressor is rated at 100 PSI and has the standard short air hose. However, it provides a gold-plated chuck for the reliable connection, and a set of nozzles to fit various inflatable objects, including a soccer ball pin.


  • High-capacity AGM battery ensures 54 hours of 12V charge.
  • Smart battery protection from overcharging.
  • Informative and easy-to-use digital panel with display.


  • Built-in LED light is fixed and beams at a higher point (nor handy to look for the particular object).
  • The unit is rather big and heavy.

Truck PAC ES6000

Truck PAC ES6000
The heavy build and large size of this jump starter / energy feeder are justified by the strong power flow it ensures. Producing 3000 peak amp current, this unit can deal with the largest batteries of the heavy trucks and tractors, and fits for the regular industrial use.

The jump starter is equipped with two ES series batteries. These power banks are designed exclusively for jump-starting needs and let out solid 800 cranking amps. Such a powerful current can boost the SUV battery and start the engine within seconds.

The supplied wires are thick (4 gauge) rubber cords flexible enough at 54-inch length. The clamps are the industrial grade ones, with ample insulation cover. The hot jaw design lets connect them to the battery posts of the different size and position (top- or side-mounted).

This device doesn’t have an integrated air compressor. However, it provides 12V current through its DC outlet powering the stand-alone compressor efficiently. It can be used for heavy-duty compressors inflating the small truck or SUV tires with the steady high pressure, so it can well be rated high among these jump starters.


  • The battery is recharged automatically and is secured from overcharge.
  • Sturdily built and high assembling quality permit using the device in the extreme weather and climate conditions.
  • The holsters for clamps are secure and ergonomic.


  • No on / off switch leads to the higher risk of the clamps touching metal / each other.
  • High price.

POTEK Portable Power Source: 1500 Peak/750

POTEK Portable Power Source
At quite a moderate price, this powerful battery jumper with air compressor offers numerous additional options for the driving emergencies and household needs. It features different connection ports and can convert the current working as the AC feeder.

With the 1500 peak amps of the regular current flow, the jump starter can crank as much as 750 immediate amps at the car’s battery. Due to this, it easily winds up the regular car, SUV, boat or RV engine. Integrated 12V lead-acid battery can be charged from the car with the DC plug or refill from the regular network connection. It has the capacity of 18 Ah ensuring several powering applications to be performed, without frequent recharging.

The jump box offers several connection ports for different purposes. There are two AC connections, the DC ports, and USB.

The air compressor emits solid 150 PSI enough to deal with the regular car tires and even pumping up larger ones like small truck’s. It takes 7 minutes on average to inflate the tire to 30 PSI and fits other inflatable objects like balls, air mattress, toys, and so on.


  • Built-in AC inverter lets feed various household and camping gear at 300 W.
  • Battery status can be checked with one button pressure.
  • The pressure gauge is well-readable on the go.


  • Not too bright LED light.
  • No battery overcharge safeguards.

Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Selecting a Jump Starter

Shopping for the car jump starter, pay attention to the key features of the jump starter that also affect the performance of the air inflator.

  • Corded vs cordless. Corded battery jumpers usually bring more instant power, while the cordless ones are invaluable in the road emergency.
  • Peak and immediate amps. Check that the jump starter is powerful enough to charge the appliance you intend it to. Read the specs of your car’s battery and ensure there are enough cranking amps at jump starter feed to wind up your engine when needed.
  • Safety. Prefer the devices with battery protection, preventing short circuit, overload, reverse polarity issues.
  • Size and weight. In an emergency, the ability to react fast can be crucial. Make sure you can take out the jump feeder from your trunk or another place and apply it without much effort.
  • Additional options. Saving the dying smartphone battery sometimes can be as important as having a fire extinguisher along. Modern jump starters are often made as multifunctional tools like a battery jump starter with air compressor. Think of the options you need and make your choice!

Selecting the Best Jump Starter

Having listed the key factors, let’s explain the particulars of choosing the optimal jump starter for your car.

  • Type. If your car doesn’t have battery issues, the cordless jump box will serve well in case of the lights left on and draining the power bank. Still, if the car battery discharges completely, the power of the portable jump starter might be insufficient. Still, in this case, it’s advisable to replace the battery.
  • Amps. Depending on the car battery and engine size, as well as on the engine type, you might need a jump starter with specs from 150 amps (regular car petrol engine) to 800 amps (powerful diesel motor). Pay attention to the voltage as well (it must match the one of the car battery).
  • Additional options. The integrated air compressor and the LED light can be handy. However, if you already possess these devices, purchasing the single jump starter might save you considerable funds.

What to Buy a Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor For

The emergency kit of the regular driver usually features jump-starting devices (like jumper cables or a battery charger), the air compressor, car jack, wrenches, a source of light, etc. To make things simpler and make more space in the trunk, the modern producers offer the combined devices offering multiple useful options.

The car jump starters with air compressors secure the driver in at least two stranded situations: the drained battery and deflated tire. Assembled in one unit, they do not scatter along the trunk and have less damage risk. The solid build of such gear brings more stability to the device when working.

The only con of such a combination is larger size and weight. They’re much heavier than most of the stand-alone jump starters; so, the ergonomics should be considered.

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