TOP 9 best smart water bottles review

TOP 9 best smart water bottles review
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Many people assume they do not need water. However, it has been proven that if you do not want to drink, it means that you are properly hydrated, that is, your body does not get enough water to keep your tone. Getting enough water daily can increase your metabolism, keep your body happy and healthy, and can help keep your skin smooth and clean.

A portable smart bottle is a place for water that is designed to help you memorize the amount of water you need to drink at different intervals throughout the day. You can customize it individually, depending on your activity during the day.

Also, such a device can regulate the amount you need to drink depending on your height, weight, age, sex, how active you are during the day, and climatic conditions.

These are important factors that take into account your bottle of water, as all of the above factors will affect the amount of water that you should consume to maintain tone. If you are actively engaged in sports during a certain period of time and your activity level is high then you need to drink more water. An intelligent bottle notifies you about it.

In the summer months, when the weather is hot, the body needs more water, the application receives this data, and provides accurate information on how much water you need to drink.

Review Of The Best Smart Water Bottles

We analyzed all the best smart bottles and provided complete information about the features and capabilities that these bottles provide. Each smart bottle allows you to keep track of your water level, which you need to consume daily, depending on individual characteristics, activity, climatic and weather conditions. An intelligent bottle is needed for a daily reminder of the need to consume water in the right amount.

Smart water bottle reviews offer different device variants at different prices, as well as a detailed overview of all the features and capabilities of each smart bottle.

Hidrate Spark 2.0 — The Best Overall Smart Bottles

Hidrate Spark 2.0 — the best overall smart bottles
This smart bottle always reminds you of the need to remain hydrated. The device keeps track of your daily water consumption and synchronizes your data with smartphones (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth. Integrate your information with software and other tracking tools for your activity to analyze your daily need for water according to your daily activity level. Contains 24 ounces. The bottle is installed in a standard cup case. The bottle contains a convenient cap for convenient opening/closing of the bottle, contains a measuring device for drinking water. The battery runs continuously without recharging, no charge is required.


  • Reminder of water
  • The gauge of a quantity of the drunk water
  • Stylish design
  • Does not need charging


  • The calculation of the liquid is carried out only on a flat surface

H2Opal — The Best Premium Choice For Active People

H2Opal — the best premium choice for active people
H2OPal is a smart water bottle that automatically tracks how much and when you drink water. Besides, it sends you a reminder that it’s time to drink water.

Automatically adjusts data about your goals, how much you need to drink your water daily, depending on information about your daily activity, weather, and your profile (height, gender, etc.).

A premium bottle is used to the best fresh water tastes preservation. It is not desirable to use soda water or drinks such as tea or coffee.

The bottle is optimized for home and office use. It cannot be used as a bottle that attaches to the bicycle frame while driving, it is not suitable for riding a bike, it is not convenient to keep it in your hand while running, doing sports, walking fast.

The bottle works with the iPhone, however, to date, the Android app is in beta. So far, the app does not work on most phones with the Android operating system.

Like many fitness trackers, H2OPal is the best hydration tracker that works with your smart water bottle. This makes life easier for you, helping you take more water that is needed for your body, consuming fewer calories and increasing productivity, focusing on your goals, staying tune in, avoiding dehydration. When it comes to building a successful habit of consuming water, the sense of progress is extremely important, but tracking the progress of water consumption with your smart bottle greatly facilitates your life and allows you to concentrate on your daily goals. H2OPal solves the problem of inadequate water during the day as it automatically records information about it and sends you useful reminders if you lag behind and do not drink during the day for daily water.


  • Unique design
  • Water balance tracking
  • Convenient neck and cover


  • No application on Android and WP
  • The calculation of the liquid is carried out only on a flat surface

SWIGM 17OZ – The Best Smart Bottle For Its Money

SWIGM 17OZ - the best smart bottle for its money
The LCD HD touchscreen that contains this smart bottle, the aluminum alloy of the bottle already makes it attractive to customers. Made of pure stainless steel, allows you to fulfill your daily goals and progress, make a smart hydration process, and help you develop a healthy drinking habit and do not forget that your body needs water.

There is also heat preservation, water protection from the cold and resistance to mechanical damage.

An intelligent bottle is responsible for your daily water consumption, customized for you, can be used as an alarm clock, helps you drink and not forget about water.

Keeping water quality, detecting water level and temperature. By purchasing this bottle, you will make sure that you drink more often and regularly.

The bottle lasts once, endurance for 30 days. Magnetic charge lasts about 2 hours, endurance is about 30 days. The bottle has a professional, linear and stylish design.


  • Timer
  • Setting up for training
  • Display


  • The calculation of the liquid is carried out only on a flat surface

Ozmo – The Best Choice For Everyday Use

Ozmo - the best choice for everyday use
Ozmo Smart Bottle connects to the Ozmo app to keep track of your daily water and coffee consumption, and monitors all your success throughout the day, week, month, in order to help you achieve your hydration goals. The device is synced with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other fitness apps to view your need for hydration after you’ve been playing sports.

The smart Ozmo bottle is designed to create a healthy habit of drinking water. It also monitors tea and coffee consumption.

The vibrations of the bottle will remind you of the timely need for drinking water in order to stay hydrated, and LED bottles that are located on the bottle show your daily progress in achieving your goal of regular water consumption.

You will receive detailed information on hydration and timely reminders that will stimulate you to consume water. Forget about your old habits and become a champion of hydration!

Synchronize data with a bottle for a smart bottle and consume the right amount of water every day correctly and on time.

The barcode scanner helps you make a healthier choice and calculate your calorie intake.

As noted above, Ozmo Smart Bottle supports two-way integration with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, and other fitness programs so your hydration goals are as dynamic as your activity throughout the day. The more you are active, the more you have to drink!


  • LED lights convey your achievements and your progress
  • Capacity: 470 ml
  • Vibration notifications that remind you of the need to consume water to stay hydrated and to be toned all day long
  • Bilateral integration with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Garmin automatically adjust your water consumption goals based on your daily activity
  • Full battery power: 60 min
  • Automatically detects water or coffee in a bottle, with the ability to fill bottles with other beverages
  • The battery lasts up to 3 weeks for one charge if you charge it for the full charge
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Thoughtful design
  • Alert System: Vibration


  • the calculation of the liquid is carried out only on a flat surface

HYDRA Tech Bottle – The Best Technological Choice

HYDRA Tech Bottle - the best technological choice
What does a regular water bottle do – hold water? What could be better? Perhaps a smart water bottle? Maybe you’ve found such a device, a bottle with several LEDs, to make it smart to remind you of your daily water consumption goals. It’s good, however, there’s a premium 5W bottle, a loudspeaker, a 4000 mAh battery, an FM radio, an RGB LED with three different color modes, convenient storage, a nice carrying handle, a bottle opener cassette and a freeware program for tracking the amount of water you need to drink daily.

Hydra Tech Bottle is the latest evolution in the world of smart bottles. But with a more detailed overview of each of the functions – all the features are what we need on a portable device. The bottle is intended for cyclists, it can conveniently be placed on the frame, and the red LED flashing light will signal when you need to consume water. The Hydra Tech Bottle has a stylish and modern design, it can be taken anywhere from the hammock on the beach until night at the hotel, on ice or in bed at home.


  • Powerful light source when power is turned off
  • Loud loudspeakers
  • High versatility


  • Cheap plastic rings that are installed on the bottle

CloudCUP – The Best Functional Choice

CloudCUP -  the best functional choice
Smart Cup Cloud Cup uses advanced technology to provide you with accurate and effective information about how much and when you need to drink. This is a very effective tool for producing ionized water on the road. Molecular machines are the most advanced water ionization technologies that bring you a lot of antioxidants in each cup of water. This smart bottle can be recharged at night as your mobile phone, and then it will be able to work, to give you up to 10 glasses of ionized water before a smart bottle will need a new charge. After activating the Cloud Cup, you will only have a few minutes left until you get hydrogen-rich ionized water.

The VSON CloudCup WP2860 smartphone with Bluetooth and OLED displays all the necessary information, such as temperature, the volume of consumed liquid, and the CloudCUP application shows the history and volume of fluid intake per day, and constantly reminds you of the need for water consumption during all day. We can confidently say that this is the best Bluetooth water bottle since there is a modern data transfer technology. The best Bluetooth water bottle is a bottle containing all the data collected, all the information about how much you drink during the day, how active you are and the many other information being transmitted through Bluetooth technology as fast and easy as it is possible at all.


  • Functions as a hydration tracker.
  • Modern, stylish and durable design
  • Simplicity when using the program


  • By weight, heavier than ordinary plain bottles
  • Not a cheap bottle

PYRUS – The Best Multi-tasking Smart Water Bottles

PYRUS - the best multi-tasking smart water bottles
For a long time spent working or studying it happens that you forget to drink water regularly. Fortunately, there are smart bottles, such as Pyrus, which, in their message, take care of our hydration.

Intelligent bottle of Pyrus with a capacity of up to 320 milliliters. At the bottom of the bottle, there are LED lights and a speaker that warns us when it comes to consuming water.
Pyrus is not just a smart bottle. It is a water thermos that not only perfectly saves water, but can also work as a clock or alarm clock. You can set a notification about the need to drink water up to eight times.

For example, the notification will come to you every half of an hour or every hour. In general, if we believe the producers, we should drink eight small glasses of water to keep your body toned during the day at work or the university and feel great.

Pyrus can withstand the liquid at a temperature from zero to 120 degrees and a total weight of 296 grams.

Therefore, this smart bottle can be easily transported in a backpack or purse. The thermos is made of Tritan, which is an extremely environmentally friendly material.

Now there’s a smart water bottle that reminds you of the need to drink water throughout the day. It can help you remember to get the full amount and the recommended amount you need for water per day, reminding you that you will drink water according to your individual schedule.

Consider all the pros and cons of the smart PYRUS water bottle to determine if this is the best smart water bottle for you.


  • Help follow the recommendations of specialists in the consumption of fluids
  • Calculates your individual hydration needs
  • Tracks your fluid intake during the day
  • Motivates you to maintain the optimal level of fluid in your body
  • Stylish appearance


  • You will have to wear an additional cover as the bottle is not quite comfortable for travel
  • High price
  • The sound signal does not always work

Gululu – The Best Interactive Choice For A Kid

Gululu - the best interactive choice for a kid
Need to do so to stay in tune constantly? A smart bottle of Gululu keeps track of how much water your child drinks through a fun game. Children take care of an electric pet, drinking healthy water daily and tracking progress on the bottle.

Gululu is an interactive water bottle that helps keep your baby in tone while increasing the mood, sleep, cognition, and concentration. Ideal for children ages 3+, Gululu opens the door for a child for a healthy, playful and fun lifestyle.

A virtual animal, something like Tamagotchi, lives in the virtual world of Gululu on the planet I’m, which is regularly updated with new characters, skills, tricks, skills and continuing education and intelligence.

Your baby chooses your favorite quirky pet, after caring for your pet, playing with him, receiving awards. The system is automatically updated with the content of the educational games in order to create healthy conditions and habits.

The smart bottle is sturdy, safe and waterproof with a modular, stylish design and easy to clean nozzle, which makes maintenance easy. Technology is responsible for healthy living with the help of specially designed Gululu bottles designed to create habits through games with digital pets.

With every purchase of the Gululu bottle, we offer clean drinking water to keep the body tone.


  • The bottles are equipped with batteries, a wireless docking station is included in the kit for recharging.
  • Interesting interactive games for children


  • This bottle does not always encourage children to drink water throughout the day.
  • High price

OULYLAN – The Best Compact Choice

OULYLAN - the best compact choice
Remind yourself of drinking: a reminder of water consumption regularly. Starting from the drinking water regime, which will notify you of the need for water every 2 hours to remind you about drinking water. You can also turn off the reminder function.

A versatile, intelligent bottle has a modern look, a reminder of drinking, an LED light, an emergency light SOS.

This is not only a simple, intelligent water bottle, it is easy to install on a bicycle frame and is suitable for cycling, mountaineering, and other entertainment, it is convenient for sports enthusiasts. It can also be used for people who have an active lifestyle, go fast and work a lot. It is easy to carry, with it it is possible to do sports in the open air.


  • Compact, small size


  • High price

Buyers Guide

We analyzed all the clever bottles that are now on the market and provided complete and accurate information about the functions they perform. Every smart bottle should find its buyer. Some smart bottles do not have the functions of deep analysis of your activity; in some bottles there is no software running on the ios / android operating system; in some bottles the screen is not very informative, restricted number of the functions, and the bottle itself is less resistant to mechanical damage, but the price is lower.

If reminder, informative, analysis, the possibility of individual settings are very important for you, you should consider more premium smart bottles. Inexpensive smart bottles are suitable for a simple reminder of water consumption. Reviews of clever bottles offer different variants of devices at various prices, as well as a detailed overview of all the features and capabilities of each smart bottle.

What Are Smart Water Bottles?

A smart water bottle is a device to show the amount of water that was consumed by a person over a period of time. The bottle reminds you if you drink a little water to achieve your daily hydration goals. Such bottles are useful, first of all, for people who consume little water, forgetting to drink water daily.

If you want to monitor the daily water intake, you need a reminder that today you have not drunk enough water – a smart bottle of water is right for you.

Daily water intake can result in smoother skin, improve your overall health, lead you to atone, increase your performance and brain function, you become more energetic throughout the day, and it can allow you to lose weight. When a person drinks water daily, this saves thousands of empty calories each month. In order to adopt a healthy habit of drinking water daily, it is important and necessary to keep track of your progress in drinking water every day.

What Are Smart Water Bottles?

Which Smart Water Bottle Is Right For Me?

In the world of sports and physical activity, it is very important to consume enough water, as your body needs water to support you in a tone. In addition, the presence of a large bottle that stores chilled water is a key moment in the summer when you are mega active. Intelligent bottles of water are already popular among many people, as it is not only fashionable and modern, but such a device is extremely useful. Many lucky customers and a large number of fans have already chosen their smart water bottle, which has become and is becoming more and more relevant and popular among a large number of people.

All types of these smart bottles are designed to keep you hydrated, to maintain the tone of your body, even if you feel that you do not need water.

Regardless of how you work, how active you are during the day, the simple fact is without consuming the water needed for your body, a problem appears. Our body is accustomed to this, and we do not really feel a thirst. In addition, you can easily quench the thirst for various drinks such as coffee or sweet water, which actually complicates dehydration. The best smart water bottle analyzes the information and reminds you of the need for water. Smart water bottle reviews describe in detail all the functions, prices, and the ability of smart bottles.

An intelligent water bottle can contain many technologies and things, including electronic interfaces, necessary devices for measuring the amount of drinking water, software for analyzing all these factors, as well as materials for cooling water. In this article, we’ll look at the best smart water bottles and explain why you should consider them.

Should You Buy A Smart Bottle?

In the modern world, most people understand the importance of proper hydration, smart bottles are becoming more popular both among young people and among older people. Companies have developed a variety of smart water bottles to suit individual needs, as well as lifestyles and needs for daily intake of water.

Some smart bottles are easy to use and have unpredictable features that can be customized individually, while other water bottles are high-tech software that is custom-tuned and has many features that are customized individually. Smart bottles help you improve your body’s moisture, health, and quality of life.

The best smart water bottle is a bottle that reminds you of water consumption, keeps track of your activity throughout the day, and is compact, convenient for transport, and is resistant to mechanical damage.

Software For Smart Bottles

A smart bottle of water uses some software that allows a smart bot to connect to your phone’s app. The software monitors your daily need for water per day, counts how much water you drink, and how much you still need to drink to the desired level.

With a smart bottle, you can visually see your progress every day, you control yourself, how much you drink and how much you need to drink to reach your daily goal of drinking water, a visual vision can be used as a motivation to continue to drink. That’s why the software is so important for Smart Water Bottle users. The program monitors the amount of drinking water and keeps you in the know for hydration purposes.

How Smart Water Bottles Keep Track Of How Much You Drink?

Most modern smart water bottles use technology to determine the amount of water you drink from the bottle. One of the most commonly used technologies is the use of an accelerometer. An accelerometer is a device that can detect when you pump your bottle of water to get a sip of water by gravity/acceleration. This appliance also understands and fixes when you place your bottle of water back after drinking.

Also, a variety of sensors can be located on the bottle, including scales that help your smart bottle detect how much water you drink at any time. This technology tracks this information and sends it to your water tracking application. By getting this information, you can analyze and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

How Smart Water Bottles Notify You To Drink?

Different bottles can tell you in many ways that it’s time to get water: light and audible signals or vibration.

If you drink water from your Smart Water bottle for a specified period of time, your bottle will remind you that you need to drink the amount of water you need. Your bottle performs these actions by sending a light signal. The bottle may light up to remind you that you have to drink water. The bottle also reports through certain sounds or vibrations, if you do not have enough light reminders.

Most smart water bottles regulate the amount of water you need to drink depending on factors such as height, age, weight, gender, activity level and climatic conditions and weather conditions. In summer, when the temperature of the air is high, the need for water is high, and in winter, when the weather is cold, the figure is lower. Your smart water bottle to take into account such factors as it will significantly affect how much water you should consume on any day.

Also, it’s worth taking into account your level of activity. If, the level of activity is higher at a certain day when you are in sports or have a lot of affairs and on the street warm, you will have to drink more water. First of all, it concerns summer months, when the weather is hot, it is also necessary to increase the consumption of water, to stay in tone and not to feel thirst.

How Much Water Is In A Smart Water Bottle

Some bottles do not have a deep and detailed analysis of how much you need to consume water per day, but for their money, they provide basic functions that will remind you of the time when it’s time to drink water. If the informative in-depth analysis is very important for you, one should look at more expensive smart bottles.

Inexpensive smart bottles are suitable for a simple reminder of the need to drink water. If you need to analyze your individual needs, climatic conditions, and many other factors that have a tremendous impact on the amount of water you need to drink, then you need to make your choice and look at the more expensive models when you buy a smart bottle.

Are Smart Water Bottles Safe To Reuse?

This question is of interest to many. If you have a bottle that you use daily to drink, you ask yourself, is it useful and safe? We will answer this question for you. When was the last time you washed this bottle of water? Does it visually look dirty?

Repeated use of a disposable bottle for water, the producers of which at its production point out that the bottle is not intended to be used more than once is not useful. Experts note that manufacturers of commercially bottled water do not recommend consumers to reuse their disposable bottles. Bottle manufacturers point out that when one bottle is used many times, this can lead to a physical breakdown of plastic, visible damage or cracks may appear on the plastic. Bacteria can fall into cracks, thus endangering human health.

Such information is provided by scientists and experts who have studied this issue. Also, re-use of plastic water bottles can also lead to bacterial contamination, if they are not washed regularly, wash the bottle with soap, after which it is good to rinse the bottle with water, besides, water should not be very hot.

It is not a secret to anyone that there are plastic water bottles for reusable use, but they can also contain the risk of bacterial infection if you do not wash them with reuse, even though visually they can be seen, first of all, it is cracking and scratching the bottles mentioned above.

It is worth knowing that bottles may have bacterial levels that exceed the drinking water rate, which may be the result of the bacterial recovery effect in bottles that remained at room temperature for a long period, such a conclusion was made by Canadian researchers in investigating the damage to plastic bottles.

At that time, the researchers did not investigate and did not name the exact source of contamination, but the most likely source of intestinal bacteria entering the bottle is the hands of people. Improper hand washing leads to bacteria getting into the bottle, which can penetrate into the water due to existing cracks and cracks in the bottle.

There were also tests in which plastic bottles were used during the week without rinsing. The bacteria were taken from the neck of bottles. What were the results? All of these people drank water from bottles with so many bacteria that could be caused by food poisoning. Drinking water from such a bottle can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Many people believe that it’s easy to solve this problem by washing all their bottles of water in the dishwasher. The effect on the bottle, while washing the bottle in hot water should be insignificant in the chemical structure of most plastics, however, such concepts as “dishwasher” and “disposable bottles” are not compatible with each other. It is better to wash the bottle independently, not in hot water, carefully checking if there is no mechanical damage to it.

Of course, it does not mean that you should never reuse the same bottle of water. It should be strategic in terms of reuse of the bottle. For example, it is worthwhile to buy glass bottles with protective frames, as well as stainless steel bottles. If you buy a plastic bottle and plan to use it many times, you need a polypropylene bottle that uses white plastic, which usually does not contain plasticizers or other chemical additives and is resistant to mechanical damage.


If you still don’t know which bottle is better, let’s talk about TOP 3 the best smart water bottles in our opinion!.

Let’s start with Hidrate Spark 2.0 — the best overall bottle in its segment.

This smart bottle always reminds you of the need to stay hydrated, tracks the amount of drinking water, synchronization of the humidification program with Bluetooth Low Energy, light signal, reminders, alternating battery. It contains 24 ounces/710 ml, a potable water meter, adjusts the individual program for the amount of water you need, has a stylish design of this smart bottle, no need to charge, so you should think about buying. The features that provide a reasonable bottle and a price, in our opinion, are a great choice.

H2Opal — the premium choice of a smart bottle that automatically monitors how and when you need to drink water, automatically adjusts your target data, your daily activity, weather, and your profile (height, gender, etc.).

The premium bottle is used to better preserve freshwater tastes. It is unwanted to use soda water or drinks such as tea or coffee.

The bottle is optimized for home and office use. The bottle cannot be used for cycling, it is not attached to the frame of a bicycle while driving, it is not convenient to keep it in your hand while running, to go in for sports, to walk quickly while holding it in your hand. However, it has a unique design, precisely tracking your water balance, working with the iPhone, greatly facilitating your life and allowing you to focus on your everyday uses. H2OPal solves the problem of water intake throughout the day as it automatically records information about it and provides you with useful reminders if you are lagging behind and do not consume water during the day for daily routine.

SWIGM 17OZ – the best smart bottle for its money. The aluminum alloy of this bottle already makes it attractive to consumers. Made of pure stainless steel, it allows you to fulfill your daily goals and see progress, make a sensible hydration process, and help you develop a healthy drinking habit and do not forget that your body needs water. Maintains natural water quality, determines water level and temperature. When you buy this bottle, you will be sure that you will drink more often and regularly. Magnetic charge lasts about 2 hours, endurance – about 30 days. The bottle has a professional, linear and stylish design. The best water bottle Bluetooth allows you to quickly get data on your smartphone.

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