Best Whole Body Vibration Machine Reviews

Best Whole Body Vibration Machine Reviews

We live in the 21st century, and it’s really possible to vary the methods of losing weight. Now the developers of fitness equipment produce a wide variety of equipment, which without any doubts effectively help get rid of extra pounds. For instance, the best whole body vibration machine is the platform that is able to affect the body in different modes (training, muscle elasticity increasing, relaxation, and massage). So, in modern time, it is not necessarily to try to solve the problem of overweight keeping a diet or dedicating yourself to some kind of sport.

One of the most noteworthy principles of vibration simulators is “shaking” extra pounds. However, people often ask the question: “Is there an effect from vibration machines?”. The answer is unequivocal, they do have an impact. Created for maximum fitness and health profits with minimal stress, the best vibration machine is able to help you relax the muscles, speeding up your movements. However, it all depends on what kind of effect is needed. So, for example, if you are obese and need to lose a lot of excess weight, then, undoubtedly, you should not expect a miracle from a single vibration machine. Nevertheless, for maintaining good shape and a good skin condition, healing, and rejuvenation of the body, and just to get pleasant sensations as a bonus, a vibration machine can be very useful.

So, I have selected top 7 best models, suitable for home usage. Read the body vibration machine comparisons to select the appropriate option for you and your family!

Whole Body Vibration Machine Reviews

Confidence Fitness Slim: Affordable And Compact Vibration Machine

Confidence Fitness Slim
If you tend to receive a vibration platform that will save your time, so this one can be a satisfactory pick for you. Designed to meet all the needs, it‘s equipped with handrails and stretch cords, which provide a full body workout. It also gives a possibility to comfortably perform recumbent or sedentary exercises.

In this vibration exercise machines review I can say that this vibration machine has a sturdy base and a thin vertical style, so will be appropriate for a small room. It also has a special screen that shows the number of calories burned, time, and much more. A proper choice for those who want to stay in shape, even having a limited time for exercises.


  • This is one of the most accessible in price vibration machines on the market – it costs under $250.
  • The platform’s superior limit weight is up to 300 lbs.


  • There is no workout chart provided.

Maketec Portable Vibra Therapy Machine: Portable Training Apparatus

Maketec Portable Vibra Therapy Machine
If you need small vibration machine that you could easily take with you whatever you go, then this one from Maketec is distinctly one of the suitable choices. This product is also a satisfactory choice for small spaces rooms.

This vibration simulator will not limit your choice of exercises, as it is quite comfortable to use despite its small size dimensions. Being portable, it is also suitable for people leading an active lifestyle. It comes in the form of a collapsible apparatus and its flexible form allows it to be placed in a suitcase or bag.

The whole body vibration machines review helps you be aware that this platform offers digital control that is optimized for installing specific programs, as well as manual mode. This makes it simpler to use, especially for sports rookies.


  • This portable unit is advisable not only for home but also for the personal trainer work.
  • Its special induced vibrations mode stimulates your body for the natural weights lose.


  • Its $900 price range can’t be called affordable and competing.

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform: Low In Price & Multifunctional

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform
The whole body vibration machine comparisons can help you to find the device for a reasonable price. And this one from Hurtle is among the most approachable vibration platforms on our list: it costs under $180. It is a good pick for those, who want to focus on keeping shape more than on a weight loss. The machine was designed primarily for muscle therapy. There are handles to provide stabilization during exercises. The base of the platform is steadfast to vibrations.

It allows you to choose among 20 different speeds of vibration. This apparatus from Hurtle is among those best vibration platform machines that don’t demand special surface to function well and can be used both in the flat or house. A complete, reliable machine could be a nice alternative for those who are bounded in time and money.


  • The platform is easy to set up: just get it out of the box and plug.
  • The vibrations are moving not only in both directions but also up and down.


  • The provided instructions are quite unclear.

Axis-Plate Vibration Platform: Affordable And Universal Vibration Platform

Axis-Plate Vibration Platform
This is a platform with 3 programs and 99 possibilities for setting the desired speed for training. It is also one of the obtainable platforms that cost about $200. Both handgrips and the opposition strips have built-in touch sensors, so it is not necessary to worry that you might lose your training statistics. With a superior weight limit of 270 pounds, this is a felicitous choice for all kinds of people.

The whole body vibration machine reviews recommend you to take a closer look at this Axis-Plate platform if you are seeking out for training with immersion in vibration. The mixture of vibration and sport praxis will make this vibration platform a good and more affordable alternative to the usual cardio simulator.


  • The platform is supplied with the Oscillating motion.
  • The armbands are removable.


  • The instruction book is not provided in the kit.

Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform: The Cardio Simulator Alternative

Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform
Despite that the platform itself weights 35 lbs, it is capable to support about 275 lbs. The simulator works on the same principle as the standard cardio trainer – its main aim is fat burn. It is programmed with 99 individual speed levels, so you will have a wide assortment of variations for utilizing it.

One of the privileges of this whole body vibration plate is that its movements are designed to improve stance and muscle tone. So even if you will not achieve impressive results in weight loss, it will help you to feel better even after one workout.


  • The ABS shell is provided for durability and endurance.
  • Its sleek design and compact size provide portability and will fit in any interior.
  • Its $100 price range make this vibration machine extremely portable and affordable.


  • The platform is made of cheap plastic.

DKN Technology Xg3 Series: Expensive Vibration Machine For Fitness

DKN Technology Xg3 Series
This vibration platform is really large, measuring 27.5×13 inches in size, so you will not have problems with your feet come off the platform.

The main control unit on the top and an additional on the bottom, so you could control the machine even when you are sitting down. The Xg3 comes with four predefined programs, as well as manual configuration. This vibration machine has a quite sturdy built, and the pole is made of steel and durable.

This full body vibration machine has a very spacious platform for performing even the most difficult exercises.


  • The platform makes soft vibrations that permeate through the whole body.
  • The vibration machine has an integrated personal coach to help the user during the workout.


  • It is not as powerful as the other platforms in the $2000 price range.

Rock Solid Wholesale: Vibration Platform For Trainers And Home Use

Rock Solid Wholesale
This Rock Solid vibration platform offers an innovative and easy way to workout at home or in the office. This vibration machine is a suitable tool for both personal trainer’s work and fitness programs. It has 99 speed options, so it will give you a possibility to vary the tempo of your workouts, which is suitable for fat burning training. The unique feature of this platform is the yoga straps. It weighs 33 lbs but can withstand up to 330 lbs.

This body shaker machine can be used by people of all ages regardless of their fitness experience, as it doesn’t require tough exercises to feel your muscles working. It also gives out gentle vibrations on all speed levels.


  • The platform is really tiny with its 26 x 14 x 6 inches in size dimensions, so it is convenient to take with you.
  • The device offers a large amount of function for an affordable price.


  • The vibration plate comes with quite vague instructions.

Buyers Guide

The effectiveness of the vibration plate

The principle of vibration, which full body vibration platform provides, is actively used both for warming up muscles before a workout and for the workout itself. At the present time, the functions of the vibration platforms have significantly expanded: their work is based on the ability of muscles to contract and relax up to 50 times per second. Thus, it is safe to say that the effectiveness of the vibration platforms is significant. During the workouts on the platform, you don’t feel tired, the heart works at a normal pace, and the muscles at the same time receive a serious load. Such platforms are especially good for people, who strive to keep themselves in good shape, but their lifestyle doesn’t allow them to spend a lot of time and effort to achieve their goals.

Undoubtedly, if you combine regular fitness classes with the vibration platform, then the effect will noticeably increase. However, it is will be enough just to regularly engage in half an hour on a platform to keep your figure in shape.

The usage of the vibration plate

The answer to the question “how to use a vibration plate” depends on your abilities to do various types of exercises. The vibration platform strengthens the effect of functional training. The everyday workout usually lasts 15 minutes. Beginners start with a 10-minute workout, repeating it 3 times a week. The load builds up gradually.

The simulator assumes smooth movements and loads muscles well. First, static and dynamic exercises should be mastered without vibration, study the technique, and then perform it on the platform. Usually, the vibration turns on after the classic well-warmed exercises. Despite the fact that we are dealing with an original simulator, it is still necessary to stick to the classical scheme – first stretch, then the main part of the training.

The most popular exercises on a vibration platform:

  • push-ups – more effective than the classic push-ups;
  • slow lifting on toes – good for shin and thigh;
  • side bends – to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles;
  • squatting with raised hands – good for the whole body workout.

The vibration machine profits

It’s hard to answer the question what does a vibration machine do the best. It has various benefits in its usage:

  1. The reasonable approach to the exercises will give a positive effect on the formation of the muscle mass and strengthening of the bones.
  2. The proper usage of a vibration plate will contribute to getting rid of the excess fat and cellulite.
  3. It gives a soft effect in comparison to the usual active physical loads. After the exercises with the vibration plate, you will only feel mild fatigue.
  4. The best whole body vibration machine provides the rapid elimination of decay products from the body, which quickly restores strength and makes you feel full of energy. For this reason, the vibration training is highly recommended for people during the rehabilitation period – after suffering severe illnesses or injuries of various kinds.
  5. After training on the vibration platform, you can use the massage mode to relax after a grueling set of exercises.
  6. The active production of the hormones of happiness (endorphin and serotonin) during training on a vibration machine has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person.
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